Ecstatic Dance Wageningen is a place for playful exploration through movement, where you can connect to yourself, others and your inner fire. Dive into this journey and let yourself be touched!

Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

* Move however you wish

* No talking on the dance floor

* Respect yourself and one another

Ecstatic Dance is a Drug, Shoe & Alcohol Free Space.



Dancing in silence helps to calm the mind, sink deeper into the body and it's wisdom. It enables you to find your free flow in the moment. Come and experience it your self!

2018 - 2019
  • 15 September
    Ceremony Florien Kortenhorst
    DJ Petro
  • 20 Oktober
  • 17 November
  • 15 December
Time (new earlier start time as from sep 2018)

19:00 - Doors Open

19:30 - Opening Ceremony

20:00 - Ecstatic Dance

22:00 - Closing Ceremony

Entrance  € 15,00

Students € 10,00

Nieuwe Kanaal 11
6709 PA Wageningen